Mamsi - The mama of all Cuddlings

8 November 2017

Cuddlings is a family of 6 characters. They all have their own super comforting power and they know when you are sad, lonely or afraid. You call for them, put them close to you, in a perfect cuddle distance. They are small but their love is great. You can share them with the world or you can keep them in a secret place, maybe on your phone or under your shirt.

Mamsi is a bear and she hugs just like bears do. Big strong hugs - super comforting - you can feel it all the way into your bones. She loves to bake and plant flowers and she wears a magic apron. When you are sad, lonely or afraid she listens extra carefuly to your stories. You can talk to Mamsi about everything. Her super comforting power sets in when you feel lonely, when you are afriad of loosing someone or when you think talking about death is scary. Mamsi is not afraid of those things, but she understands that you can be and she is there with you then, listening, hugging and comforting.

A Cuddling in your pocket to give to a child...or adult... that is sad, lonely or afriad is like saying "I care about you", No words, just action. Cuddlings talk for themselves. <3

You can find Mamsi and her Cuddlings family here in our webshop, on or in a pharmacy near you. They come in many versions, a comforting plaster, a cuddly blanket or a big stuffed animal. Same comforting powers, same great big heart. <3



Anna-Sofia and Shama

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