Thanks Giving, the time for giving.

21 November 2017

This cute child has her own soft toy, There is its name.  There has a twin, Here. They are Rabbit dogs....or Dog rabbits....who really knows? They collect things but they often forget what they collect so they have the biggest collection of "single things". They are like that Here and There, happy going and forgetful. They are friends with all the animals in the world, they are not afraid of the animals but they understand you might be! This is when you call for Here and There, when you are afraid of animals or things like the vaccum cleaner....that is a scary scary thing!

Cuddlings would like all children to have a friend to talk to when they are lonely, scared or sad. This holiday we would like to send soft toys to children that are not spending the holidays at home but maybe in a hospital and to children that might not have that many toys under the tree or in the stocking.

For €15, we will send two soft toys in your name or your company name. 2, 4 or 40 soft toys, it all makes a difference in that childs moment. 

Thank you <3

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