Unite with Cuddlings in Yoga of Hope

23 August 2017

Unite for a world free from childhood cancer!

We are proud to announce that our dreamproject Yoga of Hope now is live. A prodject initiated by Shama Persson, the founder of Cuddlings. Cuddlings is a small company with a big heart and our greatest wish is that all children should be comforted, feel good and be happy.

Through Yoga of Hope and the ambassador Yoga Girl, the Swedish children's cancer foundation is collecting funds for cancer research, a research that is shared internationally and important national as well as international. 5% of the donations raised in the event will convert to Cuddlings cuddly plasters and sent out to children that live with cancer today in the hospitals around the world. We are grateful for this opportunity to work with the children's cancer foundation and Yoga Girl, where Cuddlings can make a difference for the children and their families.

If you don't care for yoga you can help by donating soft toys or cuddly plasters to the hospitals on our webpage. http://en.cuddlings.com/yoga-of-hope, or through buying a limited edition 6 pack cuddly plasters for your own family and €3 will go to research. If you donate soft toys, Cuddlings will match your donation.

Maybe you have a company that would like to make a difference? Then you may do as Filip Grufman förvaltning AB who has donated over 350 soft toys to the hospitals that will be sent out in September.  Thank You Filip <3

We hope you will help us spread the news of the event and that everyone will see this as an oportunity to help children with cancer around the world and that this will be the first of many Yoga of Hope in the future!

With a big heart,

Cuddlings AB

Shama & Anna Sofia