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  • Cuddlings Care Pack 36 units Cuddly plasters

Cuddlings Care Pack 36 units Cuddly plasters

20,00 €

Be an angel. Buy a Cuddlings care pack and donate to 18 children suffering unimaginable pain.

"Wherever a child is suffering, Cuddlings shall be present"
This was my vision seven years ago and still is.

Big emotional traumas, small wounds, cancer, being bullied, abandoned, abused.
At the doctors, at daycare, in the streets, on the bus, in the supermarket, in a war zone.
In Africa, in Sweden, in India, in Peru, in the US. 
Time, place and location doesn't matter, a Cuddling can always make a difference.

 All children are our children and our future.
By carrying Cuddlings in your bag or in your pocket, you can always comfort children around you. On the bus, in the food store, out walking in the park.
You will never be questioned in your intention when you approach an unknown child crying giving him or her a Cuddling. Most often the crying will stop and tears will turn into a smile.

Then there are children further away from us that are suffering unimaginable pain that we cannot reach with our own hands. Thank God there are people and organizations that do reach them like LoveNepal, Unicef, Save the Children, Ronald McDonald Houses, Child Cancer Foundations...

 When you buy a Care Pack of Cuddlings you also donate Cuddlings to and organization that works to support children. You do good in your daily life and you do good for the children further away.
You are an angel and the Cuddlings only a transmitter of your love and care.

Trust me when I say they matter. To see the face of a child in pain when receiving one of our small friends is amazing. Please try it.

When you buy a pack to the children around you, know that at the same time a young girl in Nepal will maybe feel something else than fear and pain and mayve even smile.
For every Care pack you buy you donate to 18 children. You can also chose to donate all in the menu below.

Thank you for listening and taking action.

Much love