Cuddlings is a brand owned by the Swedish company Tröstisar AB.

The company Tröstisar was founded by Shama Persson in 2010, with the vision to make a difference for children suffering big or small traumas. In a world run by fear of loss, of money, of not being enough, of being bullied she felt there was a huge need for comfort. With a past as an inventor of the Bed blocks and as a distributor in the baby industry for more than 10 years her brain immediately began to spin. Being a mother of four children she had her own experience of children being sick or hurt or bullied and the idea for a comforting plaster came. A plaster with a soft and cuddly surface that you can pet, with a small face so it becomes a friend. And 2009 the Cuddly plaster was born on a beach in Costa Rica and she founded the company. Tröstisar means "The soothers" or "The comforters" in Swedish and is the perfect name, in Sweden...!

Since then a lot has happened in the company. Distribution channels has been set up in the pharmacy- and children stores in many countries. Several other products as the Bumpsicle and the Swallow-easy-tablet has entered the portfolio och this year, 2016, the name and the brand was changed into Cuddlings.

With the new name and look of the brand the goal is to be present in the major markets as the natural choice of bandaid when comfort and support is needed.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or reseller, please send us an email to