For the wounds we can not see

A soft friend to comfort you

Loaded with tender love and Care


The best support I know of when my kids are sad, I always keep a box in my bag just in case...

Lisa Wallin

First day back to school is sometimes scary! My son got a heart with a HEJ for his backpack and we sent some with him to give to friends. When he came home he told us all about how he made others happy with his soft little HEJ!

Sara Jonsson

We use Cuddlings both as comfort and as a distraction when we examine and treat children in the ER.

Janet Sunnerup, Nurse

There's nothing better than a Cuddling to comfort my son if he's sad when I leave him at daycare.

Henrik Andersson

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Hi! A small but very important word!

Hi! A small but very important word!

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Cuddlings - A proven soother!

Cuddlings - A proven soother!

When someone in the family is ill, it is a struggle for the patient and also for the whole family and the caregivers. The fiscal pain and discomfo...
Agera Alltid!

Agera Alltid!

Vi på Cuddlings AB är stolt partner till Friends och vill sprida ordet om deras skolstartskampanj 2020. Med små, enkla medel kan vi som vuxna skap...