Cuddling = Huggling!

When we are afraid, lonely or afraid the best "quick fix" is Tender Love and Care. A hug is always the best, a flower and candy might do....

In many situations you are not able to give and get a hug, your for legged friends are not allowed and maybe not even a soft toy. A Cuddlings is always a wonderful way to give and get a hug. It is a small soft patch to have close and to cuddle with. It can go on a phone, a hand, a cast, on a medical device...everywhere it is needed. And we know that it works!

If you work at a hospital or a place where hugs are hard to come by, or would like to donate Cuddlings to such a place, you can do that here at a reduced price. Just tell us where to ship it and we will take care of it!

Together we can make a difference and give hugs where hugs are needed!





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