Cuddlings - A proven soother!

When someone in the family is ill, it is a struggle for the patient and also for the whole family and the caregivers. The fiscal pain and discomfort is difficult to endure and often there is medication for this to ease the pain. The physical pain and discomfort often lays in the shadow because we can not see it as clear as the fiscal.

A survey done with 65 families at a children's hospital shows that Cuddlings can be a helping hand in the soothing process.

- 95% of the parents said Cuddlings gave comfort.

- 68% of them felt that the Cuddlings gave great or very good consolation!

 58% of them had used Cuddlings more than 3 times and a full 25% have used them more than 10 times!

- 90% of the parents said that Cuddlings reduces anxiety and fear in their children.

- 98% of the parents felt that they are particularly valuable in health care.

Parents were also asked to leave a comment if they would like and some of them reads;

"My son became calmer and it was easier during the blood test procedure. Afterwards he was very happy for his new friend."

"My children have always had a Cuddling with them when it's time for vaccination or taking other tests. They have been an important part of the procedure before we go to the hospital or I put them in the children’s pockets and then they pick them up and pat on them just before it's time forthat “stupid needle”. Afterwards, the children proudly show their Cuddling to us as a proof that they have passed today’s syringe."

"The pain and the fear for the blood test went over quickly with a Cuddling on the needle stick."

"My kids usually get to choose a Cuddling before sampling that they then may use when all is done, it's always a little comfort in the children when everything is done."

"Before and during blood tests, the children have focused on selecting a Cuddling and then cuddle it, it distracts from the needle and the sampling."

"I have two children that for various reasons have spent a lot of time in the hospital. We have several times been helped by Cuddlings to get the kids to focus on other things like the  blood tests and examinations. I often tend to carry my own Cuddlings with me"

We know Cuddlings help in the time of stress. As long as there is one child to soothe we still have a purpose.

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If you work at a hospital or similar institution where soft soothing is needed, or if you would like to donate to such a place klick here

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