Hi! A small but very important word!

To be a part of the pack is important to the humans. Way back when it was to hunt and survive. Today modern humans are part of many communities that encourage sharing and cooperation, sometimes among people who have never even met. These alliances enrich our lives and enable us to share expertise and the risks of survival.
To be outside the pack is distressing on a deep level, rooted way back in our first DNA. Undesired loneliness and bullying is unfortunately a growing problem in modern society and in the pandemic even more so.
A small Hi is a word with great importance. It makes us feel part of the pack, accepted. 
We have created #asoftsmallhi #ettmjuktlitethej to support @stiftelsefriends in their work against bullying. A sticker that will travel from hand to hand, leaving a smile and a feeling of acceptance. Together with the product the packaging will relay important information by QR code.
Join us today in spreading the word and of Friends vision
- Zero Bullying! -


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