We say No to bullying and Hi to love and friendships!

We are proud to announce a partnership with Friends!

Cuddlings live to comfort and support children when they are sad, lonely, worried or afraid and Friends live to fight bullying. Together we say NO to bullying and HI to friendship and Love.

Bullying is a global phenomenon, and by sharing knowledge and experience we can create a world where children and youth are safe. Friends is an organisation that provides adults with research-based tools to prevent bullying among children and young people.

Together we can create a society without bullying! Where every child feels loved and respected. Where nobody goes to sleep feeling sad, wakes up feeling anxious and leaves for school with a sinking feeling in their stomach. Where self-esteem wins out over self-hate. Children need our support, and friends need yours. 

Giving a Cuddling is a way to show love, give comfort and support. Open up a door for communication and human interaction.

In December and January Cuddlings will donate 10kr on every box of Cuddlings sold in our webbshop. Join us today in the fight against bullying.

Read more about Friends here https://friends.se/en/

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