About us

Cuddlings is a Swedish company started by Shama Persson year 2011. She is an inventor and product developer since many years back and with four children it as natural for her to work with children's products.

Shama and her granddaughter Lea Luna

Her first innovation is 30 years old this year 2018 and was invented for her daughter Rachel Brathen, known to the public as Yoga Girl. She suffered from many ear infections as a baby and instead of using books Shama invented small blocks to elevate the headside of Rachel's crib. Bed Blocks are still sold with great success and used by parents all over the world.

From the first innovation in 1988, Shama invented the Cuddly band aid year 2009, sitting on a beach in Costa Rica. More than a million small and cuddly friends has been sold since then and are now growing outside the borders of Sweden.

A previous cooperation with Angry Birds year 2013-2014

Year 2018 a cooperation was initiated with the popular Swedish brand Babblarna® and this has taken the Cuddly band aids to a next level, selling in all pharmacies and Sweden's largest supermarket chain ICA.

 Babblarna Cuddly Band aids and wound band aids