Why Cuddlings?

At Cuddlings we believe all children has the right to be seen, heard and fulfill their dreams, and as long as there is one child to soothe, we have a purpose.

The soft to the touch Cuddlings band aids help the soothing process when you are lonely, sad, hurt, angry or afraid.

Touch is thought to be the first sense that humans develop, according to the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Touch consists of several distinct sensations communicated to the brain through specialized neurons in the skin. Pressure, temperature, light touch, vibration, pain and other sensations are all part of the touch sense and are all attributed to different receptors in the skin.

Touch isn't just a sense used to interact with the world; it also seems to be very important to a human's well-being. For example, touch has been found to convey compassion from one human to another. 

There are many places a Cuddling can sit. On your hand, arm, leg. On a cast, next to your bed or why not on the back of your phone? Today we touch our phones more than other things, a Cuddlings on the back of your phone is a great little soother in stressful moments.

Sight is an other important sense. Cuddlings are cute and colourful and gives a "feel good" vibe. With these features we are a hug that you might not be able to give, a way to say "I see you" "I love you"

Who are we?

Cuddlings is a small company run by Anna Sofia Cardenas, the investor Filip Grufman and the founder Shama Persson.

The company is located in Stockholm Sweden where we invent and sell product that comfort children. We proud ourself in working with, and helping organisations with the same vision as us.

We stand together with Stiftelsen Friends against bullying, The Swedish Child Cancer Foundation to fight cancer, Swedish Ronald McDonalds houses to house families during long hospital stays. We also help smaller organisations such as the dreams alive foundation in Africa and Project play in France by sending Cuddlings for the children in distress.

Do you have an organisation that would like to cooperate with us please contact us at annsofie@cuddlings.com

Our vision is to fill everyones pockets with Cuddlings so they can travel the world and reach someone in need of comfort and care.



Cuddlings is a Swedish company started by Shama Persson year 2011. She is an inventor and product developer since many years back.

Shama and her granddaughter Lea Luna

The first innovation is 30 years old this year 2018 and was invented for her daughter Rachel Brathen, known to the public as Yoga Girl. She suffered from many ear infections as a baby and instead of using books the bed blocks were invented to elevate the headside of the crib. Bed Blocks are still sold with great success and used by parents all over the world.

In 2009 the Cuddly band aid was invented while sitting on a beach in Costa Rica. More than a million small and cuddly friends has been sold since then and are now growing outside the borders of Sweden. We make our own designs and work with license to reach out to as many children as possible.

Cuddlings first and current version created 2009

In cooperation with Angry Birds year 2013-2014

In cooperation with Imaginarium 2016

 In cooperation with Babblarna  2017-2019