Cuddlings Original - 36 st
Cuddlings Original - 36 st

Cuddlings Original - 36 st

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Individually packed for clean and easy access.

6 different characters

Use a Cuddling to say I care, I see you,  I Love you!. A small gift with a big purpose. Easy to send to your friends and loved ones or hand out to strangers on the street. A random act of kindness!

Each sticker comes individually packed in a little plastic bag to stay clean and soft.

Touch is an important sense in the soothing process. It feels good to touch something soft, oxytocin is released and we calm down. We often swirl our hair, pet a pet, hug or tickle the arm to feel good. A Cuddling is a small friend that is soothing by its soft touch. It's so much more than a bandaid, it's for all the wounds you can't see. 

*Never leave young children unattended with small things. Not recommended for children under the age of 3 years old. Do not place a Cuddlings straight onto an open wound, always protect a wound with bandaid.